But really, she is such an insightful woman and her music is beautiful. Check her out. <3

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Q&A: Solitary confinement and teens shouldn’t mix | The Center for Investigative Reporting


Solitary confinement should never be used on anyone PERIOD.

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Three dead in Kansas Jewish center shootings


Three people were reported dead on Sunday in a possible anti-Semitic shooting attack at two buildings serving the Jewish community near Kansas City.

A gunman opened fired in the parking lot of the Overland Park Jewish Community Center and the nearby Village Shalom retirement home, both in the Kansas City suburb.

"At around 1 p.m. today, Overland Park police received multiple calls regarding a shooting on the campus of the Jewish Community Center, 5801 W. 115th Street. Additional calls were received by police of another shooting at the Village Shalom Retirement Community, 5500 W. 123rd," according to the Overland Park Police Department.

“Three victims are confirmed deceased. A person of interest has been taken into custody at this time,” the police spokesman said.

CNN reported that the deceased included a teenager and an elderly woman.

During the initial developing story, a spokeswoman for Overland Park Regional Medical Center said the hospital was treating a 14-year-old male who suffered a gunshot wound and who was in critical condition.

The gunman fired toward a total of five people, three of whom were confirmed dead, authorities investigating the incident said at a press briefing.

Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said it was too early to label the attacks as anything other than “vicious acts of violence.”

He stated that two males were killed outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas and one female at the nearby Shalom Village retirement home.

He confirmed that police had a white male in his 70s in custody for questioning. He added that the man was unknown to police until today.
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City said on Facebook that no shooting had occurred inside its campus, and it had released home all the participants of its programming.
Overland Park, the second biggest city in Kansas, is a short drive away from the state’s main Jewish concentration in Kansas City.

According to Kansas’s KSHB 41 Action News, police were holding one suspect in custody, who was reported as yelling “heil Hitler” as he was being detained.

The entire JCC campus was locked down.

One witness was quoted by KSHB 41 Action News as saying that a man, presumably the shooter, had aimed a gun at him before shooting the windows of his vehicle.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation officials were helping local authorities investigate the two shootings, CNN cited FBI spokesman Joel Sealer as saying.

The JCC of Greater Kansas City announced that it would be closed on Monday.

“We will post more information following a debriefing at the Overland Park Police Command Center and a 5:00 pm press conference, which will be carried live,” the JCC said on Facebook.

The Jerusalem Post was unable to reach the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City for further comment.

The shooting comes only weeks after the Anti-Defamation League released a report describing an increase in physical assaults against Jews despite an overall 19 percent decrease of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States.

In its Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, the ADL reported that there 751 incidents in 41 states and Washington, DC — among the lowest number since 1979, when the ADL began collecting data. The number of incidents has been steadily declining for the past decade.
I am asking for my followers, Jewish and non-Jewish, to spread this like wildfire. Antisemitism isn’t often discussed in social justice circles, but I need y’all to know that hate crimes are committed against us. So far, I have only been seeing this circulate among Jews on Tumblr, but I want it to go farther than that.
I want this to lead to a larger discussion about antisemitism. I don’t want it to be derailed merely as a discussion about gun control. I don’t want people asking if the shooter had mental illness. I want people to acknowledge that the shooter is a blatant antisemite. I want people to know why we often have cop cars parked outside our synagogues. I want people to know why we are still afraid.

Such a tragedy. :(

It doesn’t seem like they have definitively labeled it a hate crime, but wouldn’t be surprised it it were.

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From Learning in Infancy to Planning Ahead in Adulthood: Sleep’s Vital Role for Memory


Babies and young children make giant developmental leaps all of the time. Sometimes, it seems, even overnight they figure out how to recognize certain shapes or what the word “no” means no matter who says it. It turns out that making those leaps could be a nap away: New research finds that…

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"Compared with the control intervention, web-based treatment significantly reduced carers’ anxiety and depression (primary outcome) at post-treatment, with a similar trend in carers’ EE. Other secondary outcomes did not favour the online intervention. Gains were maintained at follow-up. This is the first ever study to use an online CBT program to successfully reduce carer distress and improve carers’ ability to support the person with AN."
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Tumblr Hypocricy




I see many users wrongly blaming “mental illness” for problems in their life or as something that controls them. I also see the same people are for homosexuality and believe you are born that way.

You can only be right about one, so choose.

See the DSM which has all your mental disorders is a…

Your argument boils down to: because some of the industry surrounding mental illness is corrupt/manipulated, mental illness itself doesn’t exist. 

Do you see no problems with that kind of thinking? 

Also, the fact that some mental illnesses are culturally/societally mediated (caused by society) does not actually invalidate the fact that they exist anymore than the fact that government is an abstract social institution means it doesn’t exist. It does. 

My first question is: are you open to hearing other ideas? Because if not, I guess there’s no point to you reading what I have to say, but if you’re open to entertaining the possibility that you are mistaken or ill-informed on certain topics, then it might be worth reading further.

  • Mental disorders do not involve a small group of people. You bring up dissociative identity disorder (DID) to make your point, but that’s kind of silly to support a broad statement with a single exemplary diagnosis while ignoring the hundreds that have thousands, literally thousands, of studies to support their validity (e.g., depression, panic disorder, PTSD, etc.)
  • I agree the chemical imbalance theory has not been substantiated. That doesn’t detract from something qualifying as a disorder. Consider PTSD, which stems heavily from an acute, environmental stressor which results in remarkable physiological changes surrounding fight-or-flight esque responses. Is that not a disorder solely because it can’t be boiled down to an overly reductionist and simple cause of “chemical imbalance”?
  • Science is a correcting, incomplete way of seeing the world. Mental disorders are inherently limited by social constructs. When homosexuality was introduced as a disorder, that’s how it was perceived socially. Science has since progressed and adjusted the way it envisions and describes homosexuality; it has self-corrected. It’s been three decades.
  • A lot of the diagnoses you mentioned are controversial, but you’re overlooking the fact that some of them cause severe impairment which can result in self-injurious behaviors, suicide attempts, pervasive distress, and an inability to function at the most basic level. Just because you are able to provide a watered-down explanation for their causes (which are erroneous) doesn’t make them illegitimate.
  • There are endogenous hormones which act on THC receptors. I don’t know if you’re implying that our brains were wired to consume marijuana, but there’s no science to support such a claim.

I guess my main question would be: what’s your research experience in this? Have you spent more than, say, a couple hours researching any individual one of those disorders you claim have no validity? Do you know how to read a scientific publication? Do you understand basic methodology and study designs? Internal vs. external vs. ecological validity? Reliability and validity? Factor analyses? Normal distributions and standard deviations and grand means? Theorized models which create/perpetuate mental struggles? Learning principles which contribute to mental disorders? Genetics/epigenetics? Etc.?

Or did you just read some Tumblr posts, form an opinion, and that’s the end of it? And this is a legitimate question - how do you know what you know? This is not an attack, but more an attempt to get you to ask yourself why you believe the things you do. Is there any sort of support you can point to?

You have every right to have complaints about our system of diagnosis. I am one of the most outspoken people against that system which you take qualms with. But to suggest it’s all nonsense and comparisons between homosexuality and mental disorders are unwarranted. You’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater in a mean way.

Holy shit. “Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder which translates to, girls periods.” Yeah that serious suicidal ideation I used to experience once a month, nearly every month for years was NBD, definitely didn’t impact my daily functioning. It was so relieving to know that what I was experiencing was more than just a figment of my imagination, and that there were steps I could take to make my life easier. Yes, it came in the form of meds, but they made a world of a difference.

Fucking internet making me fucking mad. Will never understand why so many people people can’t disagree with something without also becoming 100% anti-that something. Psychiatry may have a ton of issues but it’s a necessary field. I want to be a psychiatrist because I recognize what’s terribly wrong with the field and think I have what it takes to be a good one, not because I believe in everything going on within it.

Such ramble. Much apology.

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There's this really cool mental health thing


that I just started looking into. It’s called Declaration for Mental Health. (If you Google it, the form comes right up.)

It basically looks/seems similar to giving someone Power of Attorney, so they can make various decisions on your behalf.

So in the case of the…

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cognitivedefusion replied to your post “Quick rant about my mental health plz don’t hate me ;-; Slash don’t…”

Hoping for the best : always here if you feel like talking it out or anything.

Thanks, Alex. :)

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kissmeonmycheekyblushingface replied to your post “Quick rant about my mental health plz don’t hate me ;-; Slash don’t…”

*hugs* damn I know that feeling. Maybe make getting your meds a priority idk how to help <3

Sorry you do. :(

I think that would be a good idea as well. :P Luckily I’ll be getting those bad boys tomorrow.

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epianoladyme said:
Hello! I'm a mom of a 12 year old girl who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am hoping maybe you can help give me ideas about raising a child with a chronic psychiatric disorder. How do I help her come to terms with a condition that will require lifelong treatment and may stigmatize her at some point?I want her to be proud of herself and who she is, bipolar disorder being a part of that. It really hurts me that even her psychiatrist told her not to tell anyone at school.  


The fact that you’ve so quickly jumped into the role as her advocate speaks worlds of your ability to help your daughter through what’s likely to be a rough road ahead. Reading your message gave me some sappy feels, and it sounds like your daughter is in good hands. :)

Before I add my own comments I wanted some insight from someone who had more of a personal experience with bipolar disorder, so here are some thoughts from a good friend of mine:

I am a friend of PsychHealth’s and I have bipolar disorder. I was only diagnosed a few years ago, as a college student, but I can tell you what it is like to cope and come to terms with my bipolar disorder.

To start off with, I unfortunately have to agree with your daughter’s psychiatrist. Our society is cruel and not ready to accept people with mental health disorders yet. I have lost “friends” over my diagnosis. I do not blame them, they just don’t know how to react, and it would be even worse with children I would imagine. My friends who grew up with diabetes were ostracized and bullied over that, and that is nowhere near as stigmatizing as a mental health problem; children tend to exclude anyone who is different in any way, regardless of how inconsequential or serious it may be.

Another thing that I have learned in coping with my bipolar disorder, is to instead of thinking that I am bipolar, to think that I am a person who has bipolar disorder, and not let it define me. A person has a disease or has cancer, they are not a disease or cancer. And just like someone with a more physical disease, I strive to be more than my disease.

In addition, the fact that you are willing to help your daughter means so much. There are many parents out there, including my parents at first, who do not “believe” in mental health or who antagonize their children with issues, I am so happy for you and your daughter that you are there for her. Just letting her know that would mean the world to her. When I am having trouble being either depressed or manic, it is very helpful to know that those around me are there to support me even if they can’t “do” anything, just knowing that they support me is important to me, and I would think the same for your daughter. Chances are, you may never fully understand what she is going through, and that is okay, I would not pretend otherwise. When people who have not gone through something similar to me pretend to fully understand my situation it upsets me.

And finally, the most important thing I can recommend is to learn absolutely as much as you can about bipolar disorder and raising a child with a mental illness, which it appears you are, and I applaud you for that.”

^ Yeah.

Adding on to that, it’s so, so critical that you not invalidate the shit ton of feelings and emotions your daughter’s going to be experiencing. Those of us know with mental health disorders that what we’re feeling isn’t necessarily reflective of reality, but it still feels so incredibly real to us and we feel alone and isolated when we’re told that what we’re feeling is silly, or that we need to move on, or “don’t worry, you’re fine”. I know I feel very hurt when my parents tell me those things or remind me that everyone tells them how I’m such an “easy child,” so therefore I must be the easy child. I’m not looking to be a difficult one, but just because I’m relatively high-functioning doesn’t mean I’m not struggling!

It’s also important that you give your daughter the opportunity to build an identity for herself that doesn’t involve being driven to psychiatrists and pediatricians and psychologists every week. The single best thing I did for my mental health was finding a passion, so help and encourage your daughter to find activities that she enjoys and where she can leave behind her diagnosis for a few hours.

I don’t know how severe your daughter’s case is, but you might want to consider getting your daughter evaluated for an IEP so that she can have a less stressful school environment. Stress is unavoidable, of course, but it might lessen the number of potential triggers.

Neither I nor my friend are mental health professionals, so process the above with that in mind. :) If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you check out the Depression and Bipolar Disorder Alliance; they are a fantastic resource and, if you’re interested, you can see if there are any support groups for parents in your area.

Hope you found some of this was helpful! Followers are free to chime in, as always. :)

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emmy-1127 said:
Thank you for sharing! Having mental health bloggers share about their own experience is wonderful. I feel more connected to you and you feel more human to me now.  

:) I am human, I swear!

Definitely appreciate this message, thanks. <3

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Quick rant about my mental health plz don’t hate me ;-; Slash don’t even read it because I’m DUMB.

MY ANXIETY HAS BEEN SUPER BAD THESE PAST FEW WEEKS. I cannot focus on any of my work, I got a 69 on my second Immunology exam when I got a 96 on the first one and I need need need (and really want) an A in that class, I’ve barely studied for the MCAT and I’m probably going to fail it which is a shame cos I’ve kinda been looking forward to medical school these days, the only thing I’m able to accomplish is Active Minds-related and even that I’ve been doing a shit job at, I’m terrified that this benefit concert is going to be a flop and it’ll be all my fault, speaking of Active Minds I am losing the best part of life when I graduate IN 5 WEEKS and I feel absolutely pathetic for even letting this be a big deal, I haven’t found myself a job following graduation yet and I need $$$ real bad, I have a mock interview for med school the week after next and I’m supposed to have my personal statement for med school done before then which would be a miracle if I can accomplish that, I’m nauseous from anxiety just about all the time and it’s a good day when I eat a single full meal, I haven’t had the willpower (or the time because I’m so behind on everything) to get myself over to Giant and refill my OCP or my Zoloft and couldn’t afford to get either this week anyway, I am starting to get a fucking bald spot which I’m able to hide but it’s been a looooooong while since my pulling has gotten this bad (and forget about my eyelashes/eyebrows), and I have this huge gigantic terrifying internal conflict going on right now that I don’t even know how to reason through and it’s driving me off the fucking wall and I cried sobbed more times over it yesterday than I have in months.

So anyway, gotta love anxiety <33333333 sorry if I’m annoying </33333

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The 4 Fundamental Pillars of Emotional Intelligence


emotional intelligence

A complete summary of everything you need to know about emotional intelligence and how to apply it to your life.

Click here to read more

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Active Minds GMU, Peer Empowerment Program, Mason Cares, and CAPS are hosting the PostSecretU Benefit Concert in only three days. Meg Hutchinson, an award-winning singer and songwriter, will be our featured performer at the PostSecretU Benefit Concert. The concert will take place Tuesday at 7:00pm in Dewberry Hall in the JC. Admission is free and food will be provided. ($5 donation is encouraged)

We&#8217;ve worked so hard to plan this event, can&#8217;t believe it&#8217;s almost here!


Active Minds GMU, Peer Empowerment Program, Mason Cares, and CAPS are hosting the PostSecretU Benefit Concert in only three days. Meg Hutchinson, an award-winning singer and songwriter, will be our featured performer at the PostSecretU Benefit Concert. The concert will take place Tuesday at 7:00pm in Dewberry Hall in the JC. Admission is free and food will be provided. ($5 donation is encouraged)

We’ve worked so hard to plan this event, can’t believe it’s almost here!

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